Instrumentation and control engineering for industry and agriculture

Panel for refrigerating cells

The electric panel is used for the regulation of refrigerating systems in fruit stores. Feeding is obtained by an automatic switch which gives energy to the outputs. For the compressors power control the star-triangle systems or a control system by inverter are used. The ventilators outputs are commanded by remote control switches and thermic switches. By the commanding panel help the switches are assembled so that they can be well visible for every cell( photo on the right).

The command unit has the following commands:

  • Temperature display
  • Hour counter
  • IN/OUT cell with control lamp
  • Refrigerator manual-Zero-Automatic with control lamp
  • Ventilator manual-Zero-automatic¬† with control lamp
  • Defrosting manual-Zero-Automatic with control lamp
  • Humidification manual-Zero-Automatic with control lamp
  • General alarm

Technical aspects

  • Panel: Rittal PS4204 1200x2000x400
  • Support: Rittal PS2837 200mm
  • Panel: Rittal FT2744
  • Ventilation: Rittal ventilator with thermostate
  • General switch: Automatic 1200A with Exchange coil
  • Thermic switch: Siemens
  • Remote control switch: Siemens
  • Switch with control lamp: Siemens
  • Low tension: 24V
  • 220V Outputs: Three-phase transformer with fuse
  • Low tension: 24V DC converter DC Siemens 20A
  • Electrical schemes: according to scheme rule
  • EU rule: The complete description is delivered with an EG conformity declaration according the EN60204-1 and EN60204-1/A1 rules