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Sequencer with 10 Relay - SR-010

The SR010 form is used to regulate 10 output relays by an impulse input from the external gate: the relay 1 turns on and remains stimulated. At a second impulse the relay 1 turns off and the rely 2 turns on. After the tenth impulse the output relays commutes to the relay 1 and the process can start again. By a DIP switch the outputs can be programmed. Its application is in the regulation technology.

Technical characteristics

  • Feeding tension: 220V
  • Current absorption: 65mA
  • Impulse input: free potential contact 24V DC
  • Output relay: 10 x 8 Amp. closing contact
  • Outputs: programmable by DIP-Switch
  • Connection: extractable screw connecrtion 1,5mm²
  • Dimensions LxDxH: 205x109x76mm
  • Assembly: DIN NS32 or NS35 guide
  • Working temperature: -20 bis +80°C
  • EU-norm: certificate




4 Relay



10 Relay