Flowscan 20 System – Highly-developed sensors for identifying blocked sprayer nozzles

Flowscan 20 System

A blocked sprayer nozzle on a sprayer poses a problem when it comes the application of plant protection products. Thanks to our specially developed, highly-sensitive sensors, it is now possible to automatically monitor the sprayer nozzles.

If a nozzle becomes blocked, even if only slightly, then very little or no plant protection product will reach the plants being treated. Our new sensor enables you to identify partial and complete blockages.

The individual sensors are attached to the nozzle’s supply pipe with a quick release coupling. All sensors are connected to an interface module via a signal cable and assessed by the sprayer computer. If a blockage is identified, the corresponding nozzle is shown on the computer display.

Technical Data
- The system can be retrofitted
- Simple assembly thanks to quick release couplings
- Interface module via bus connection
- Suitable for small flow volumes
- Dimensions 33 x 25 x 25mm (LxBxH)
- Connection for PVC conduit 6 mm via quick release coupling
- Display on sprayer computer terminal