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Electronic control system and automatic regulation for refrigerating cells

The US2000 software is used to manage the refrigeration systems control and regulation. The programme executable with Ms Windows manages the whole refrigerating system and allows to control every aspect of the system. The graphs that are on of the most important elements,  are recorded on disk an can be visualised in every moment.

The Software, constantly developing, 6.21 version contains the following function for each cell:

  • Temperature, glycol and moisture regulation
  • Automatic defrosting
  • Automatic air circle
  • Peak current regulation
  • Compressors regulation
  • Glycol tanks regulation
  • Evaporators regulation
  • O2-CO2  regulation
  • Differential pressure regulation
  • Added O2 sensor regulation on Skrubber
  • Data visualisation of a weather station
  • Alarm management

A control system can automatically manage up to 4 cells per US2000 unit so that it can be expanded by 29 US2000 up to 116 cells.
It is also possible to install other peripherals dedicated to several different activities such as:

  • Tanks regulation US2000 PLC 0
  • Instruments room regulation US2000 PLC 30
  • Heat recovery US2000 PLC 31
  • Up to  3 RCP-04 per O2CO2  PLC 32-33-34
  • Via radio transmission form RCP-04 PLC 35
  • Cells pressure form DAM-03 PLC 36


Main page

This page contains a scheme version of the system and allows to enter all the function by the keys on the right. There are also the data referred to:

Cell temperatures, cell misture, fruit temperature, cell pressare, O2 and CO2 are visualized for every cell. All the cells can ch’ange their color depending on the current status:

Cell status

If you click on a cell you reach this screen:
This page contains detailed information about the cell such as the signals trend, the pumps and valves status, etc.

Function: Refrigerator

This page is used to programme the function parameters of the refrigerator:

Function: Ventilator

This page contains the setting related to the ventilators working:
They are:

Function: Defrosting

The working mode of defrosting can be defined in three ways:

By a continuous monitoring of the ventilators consumption it is possible to define the ice status on the evaporator. The defrosting time by water and air can be programmed as desired.

Function: Humidification

By setting the minimum/maximum humidity and intervals parameters, it is possible to define the relative humidity in the refrigerating cells :
Working modes:

By setting the winter/summer parameter it is possible to calculate the humidity quantity expressed in litres.

Function: O2 - CO2

The whole O2 - CO2 regulation is installed in the US2000 programme. It is possible to visualise in graphic the O2 - CO2 impulses, such as the O2 - CO2 values. An external analyzer can be calibrated inside the programme.

Glycol tank regulation

By setting the glycol tank temperature parameters the glycol is kept at the same temperature. If the temperature is over a programmable value, the same programme turns off the refrigerating cells and gives an alarm. basing on priority or on groups.

Alarm system

From the 6.20 version it is possible to send every kind of alarm of the US2000 on phones with vocal messages. These alarms are easily configurable according one’s own exigencies. If an alarm is revealed it is possible:

Every alarm is added to a Log file and it can be visualised in very moment.


All the data revealed by the single US2000 are record on disk and can be graphically visualised. Thanks to the graphic analysis it is possible to define the refrigerator effictiveness and/or determine possible temperature changes. All the graphics can be visualised in every moment.

Connection to outside

The US2000 programme can connect to another US2000 programme (at home f.e.) and transfer all the current data to the caller. At disposal: