Instrumentation and control engineering for industry and agriculture

Command form for snow cannon - SKS-01

The command form SKS01 is used for the measurement and the regulation of the snow cannons and for the pumping stations. The SKS01 form gets more inputs, outputs and analogical inputs. Due to its steady construction, various radio forms can be assembled. Every input led , the outputs and the reception led are shown on the display machine. For different snow cannons, pimping station and meteo station there are many suitable software programmes.

Technical aspects

  • Feeding: 9-18V DC/AC
  • Power absorption: 4 VA
  • Output relay: 16 changes to 8 Amp.
  • Inputs: 16 optocouplers 20mA
  • Analogical inputs: 7 with tension difference 12Bit
  • A/D converter: 12 Bit + sign
  • Program memory: 64 Kbyte Eprom
  • Data memory: 64 Kbyte RAM
  • Configuration memory: 24 Kbyte EEPROM
  • Work temperature: -30 - +80°C
  • Connection: extractable screw terminals to 1,5mm²
  • Dimensions: 452x150x125 LxDxH
  • Eu rule: certificate

CODE: 42-42-34