Instrumentation and control engineering for industry and agriculture

Control form for hydrants with encoder - EHS-02

The encoder EHS02 microprocessor form permits the regulation and the control of the carriers position. The impulses received from the encoder are transmitted to the microprocessor which elaborates them for the regulation. All the values, for example the maximum and minimum values can be inserted by the EHS02 form. The stated values are transmitted to a hard memory that, in case of blackout, keeps all the saved data. The regulation commands connection and the relays outputs is to be made on a 20 poles terminal. Specific led show working and programming state. The main use of this form is the carriers regulation with exact position.

Technical aspects

  • Work tension: 24V AC-DC
  • Current absorption: bei 24V 250mA
  • Output relay OPEN: 8 Amp. 1 change
  • Output relay CLOSE: 8 Amp. 1 change
  • Alarm output: 8 Amp. 1 change
  • Encoder: SAIET
  • Microprocessor: 8051-family
  • Work temperature: -20 ÷ +80°C
  • Connection: extractable screw terminals to 1,5mm²
  • Assembly guide: 167x38mm 4mm drill
  • Dimensions: 155x110x80 mm LxHxD
  • Weight: 300 grams

CODE: 46-46-11