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The sprayer and volume sensor are the perfect combination for agricultural tractors.

With sales of over 1000 units in more than 20 countries and rising. In agriculture, regulations, in tandem with a precise application rate to ensure a high level of protection against disease and pest infestation, are leading to modernisation. Combined with the gap and cornering recognition system and wind drift countermeasures, targeted spraying can help with both cost savings and the environment.


With our specially developed nozzle blockage monitoring system, manufacturing problems are identified immediately.

Thanks to our new system, it has been possible to increase efficiency, and the amount of waste resulting from defective production has been greatly reduced.

An alarm is triggered if the nozzles become blocked.




ACCO Solutions - Moisture in Masonry Walls


In the field of wall drying, ACCO Solutions specialises in the phenomenon of capillary rising damp in masonry.

Our first prototype, NIC-01, was installed in the Grotto of the Annunciation in Nazareth in 2014.

Continuous improvements have transformed our product and are now providing for dry, insulating walls in over 20 buildings.

NIC02, Successor to NIC01


With over 120 cold rooms, three generations of PLCs (short PLC 1990, long PLC 2000, Cellomat 2010) and our first comprehensive tank connection control system, we might say that Alpe is our proving ground.

2013 saw the completion of the changeover from the Us2000 to the UsVisio with a view to providing better and more individual support to the company's refrigeration engineers.

UsWeb, a webapplication for smartphones helps to control and manage Us2000 and UsVisio remotely.


It was the starting signal for a new era: the UsVisio was designed as the replacement for the Us2000.


Functions were improved and the design modernised. In future, several refrigeration engineers will be able to operate the storage facility at once at the Mivor cooperative. There is no need for an RDP connection where the workers end up throwing one another off a session, nor VNC where they have to fight for control of the mouse. The programme runs on several PCs at once and is connected to a server (network compatible).


Every change is saved with the time and user name, so that the workers have a better overview of the system.


A policy management system also ensures that settings cannot be changed and prevents access to certain functions.



Laurin in the south of Bolzano is one of our newer plants and has also made the switch from the Us2000 to the Us3000.

With Laurin we were able to test both glycol defrosting using heat recovery and passive glycol defrosting.

And the new tank connection regulation system is used here too!



Many innovations were introduced to our range with the three warehouses in Gargazon, Tscherms and Marling.

Be it O2 or CO2 regulation, energy management with solar power or Cellomats, many developments originated here.

Tassullo S.A.R.C.

In this fruit storage facility, cold rooms are regulated both by the US2000 substations and by the new generation Cellomats.


80 cold rooms are regulated in this fruit storage facility with 20 old and new US2000 PLCs.
Among other things, for this storage facility an add-on was incorporated to ensure that switched off cold rooms are ventilated at least twice a day in order to comply with the latest safety regulations.

US2000 PLC

One of our first storage facilities, in which every cold room is regulated by Cellomats.

These have now been continuously operating for 11 years.

Conad Dao



A wide variety of fruit, vegetables and frozen products is refrigerated or frozen at the DAO cooperative before being transported to retailers at temperatures ranging from below 0ºC up to 15ºC depending on the item.

And more refrigerated warehouses have opted for us

Kurmark   Unifrut   Cafa   Meraner

Opan   Lanafruit   Pomus   NOG Texel   Danubius Fruct

Oveg   Oberrauch   Clementi   Rallo

Weather Stations

Many different weather stations and soil moisture measurement systems have been installed in cooperation with a number of cooperatives, companies and private customers.

SBR Südtiroler Beratungsring

Over 160 stations have been erected throughout South Tyrol for the Südtiroler Beratungsring, which today provide a tight network for frost alerts and guidance on optimising yields by spraying the correct product at the right time.


Altes Land (Hamburg)

Over a dozen stations have been distributed across the Altes Land region, which are used for frost alerts and detecting diseases such as scab and fire blight.

The alerts are sent by the station and approximately 100 participants are registered per station.

With the new SmartMeteo app, our customers can quickly and easily check the latest numbers, view charts and set alarms on all sensors.


Rotari Mezzacorona

Rotari Mezzacorona winery uses twenty-one weather stations (some in Sicily) and 14 soil moisture measurement systems in Trentino to monitor its vineyards.


Cantine Ferrari

Cantine Ferrari winery uses 8 soil moisture measurement systems with various additional sensors and 8 weather stations to monitor its vineyards.



In cooperation with Aqua Systems , 10 weather stations have been put into operation in Bulgaria.



A group of several private members has put 7 of our weather stations into operation in their fields.


Russia - Krasnodar Region

Twelve weather stations have been set up in the Krasnodar region close to the Black Sea.


OPST Styria, Austria

Panagri-tech uses over 100 of our soil moisture measurement sensors in combination with its irrigation system.

Monitoring of mountain lakes

System for monitoring the water level in several mountain lakes in order to commence an evacuation in case of emergency.

These systems protect our villages round the clock by maintaining constant contact with our servers and raising the alarm in case of emergency.


  • Spronser Lakes
  • Lake Grünsee
  • Lake Langsee
  • Lake Schwarzsee
Monitoring of municipal reservoirs


The remote monitoring of reservoirs supports and alerts the relevant workers in the event of discrepancies or faults.

In addition, pumps and valves are controlled.


  • Mals
  • Schlanders
  • Kastelbell
  • Kastelruth
  • Alpe Laas



Alongside 500 orders in Germany, in collaboration with the JKI research and development has been carried out on the LADUS system with a view to facilitating more economical and environmentally-friendly spraying.

The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle

 The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle


The irrigation system in the gardens at Trauttmansdorff Castle is an important part of the watering of the many different plants. Many processes can be easily automated and switched around if alterations are made. The simple handling and overview help to ensure that the programme can be used even without prior knowledge of the system.

Schreckbichl Winery

Kellerei Schreckbichl


Temperatures are recorded and plotted to ensure optimum storage. Discrepancies are clearly listed, and alarms sent.


Vimas produces agricultural machinery such as harvesting carts and box shuttles that use our motor control unit.