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Datalogger TDL03

Precise Temperaturrecording

The data logger TDL03 can determinate and record two temperatures with a resolution of 0,05 degrees Celsius.

The data logger can be used in those places where sensors cannot be mounted statically. With two ordinary batteries AA the device can record data even at low temperatures for several months. (Theoretical guidelines are 2 years of operation for a pair of batteries, we recommend to use one pair of batteries per year).

The measurement interval is 5 minutes, which means that every five minutes the temperature is measured and recorded. The measuring sensor of the probe is immersed with resin in a stainless steel housingl. Also the electronic evaluation is filled with resin and the battery compartment is protected with a seal against moisture, so that the data logger can be used in humid environments.

A software is included in the package to read the recorded data. With this program you can look more closely to the measured values in a graph, print hourly and daily average temperatures or create an export to Excel.


Technical data

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