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Water counter reading without problems

The times when it was necessary to note by hand the counter data and then calculate the consumption and the corresponding cost  for the bill are over.

We developed for You the electronic water consumption reader AQUARIUS which:

  • Helps to save a lot of time
  • Reduces the possibility of a wrong reading
  • Simplify the bills management

The system is extremely simple:


Every registered user (all the data can be at disposal of the the delegates of the City community) receives a bar code printed on an adhesive label.

This label is water proof and it is located on the water counter lid.


The reading delegate notices by the scanner (like at the supermarket checkout) and from the conter label bar code the user data and types in the keyboard the actual water consumption. Possible typing errors, evident if referred to the previous reading, are noticed by an immediate acoustic signal.

Advantages: Time saving and risk control of wrong notes.


After reading the scanner is located in a specific equipment where:

Advantages: Total exclusion of recording error:


Special personalized softwares can consider, besides revealing the consumption and calculating the referred costs to every user in a few seconds, further functions: 

and many more useful functions


It is also possible a via radio reading. In that case special counters equipped with a small transmitting station are necessary. They allow to acquire personal data and water consumption from an external place for instance by a car. So the user presence and the access to his house are no longer necessary.
Personalised programmes for personal exigencies!