OptiDrive – Highly intelligent cornering recognition


The new development of the electronic sensors for distance measurement sees the successful development of a system that independently recognises the turning direction at the end of a row of trees: the Optidrive System.

Once a row of trees is reached, the nozzle ring that is facing away from the row is automatically deactivated and will therefore not operate. In future this will make manual switching operations when turning superfluous.

The two Elmed IRS-02 Optosensors, which are attached to the front of the sprayer on both sides, measure continuously when and if the machine is turned into the next row of trees.

The Optosensors are directly connected to the SPG21 controller via the Elmed LEX-04 interface module. However, the Optidrive System can also be retrofitted without difficulty to the existing SPG-21 controller.

Technical Data
- The system can be retrofitted
- Measuring range up to 3.5 m
- Direct connection to the controller