Remotecontrolled opening of cell doors

STS01 - Remote Controlled Opening Of Cell Doors

The system STS01 allows the remote opening of the cell doors, directly from the truck. It works with radio and consists of any number of transmit or receive units. The operating and transmission module is mounted in the cab of the truck. A receiver module can open up to 4 cell doors.
The communication between the operator and transmitter module on the truck and the receiver on the cell doors is carried out by a radio signal. Used is the freely usable frequency band at 433,92 MHz. The range of the transmitter is in sight up to 100m. The door opening system STS01 sends the open command to the desired cell until the receiver module confirms the successful opening of the cell. Even under difficult conditions and long distances the opening can be guaranteed.
The control unit of the remote control is mounted in the truck cab. Use the keypad to select the desired cell. The key module is robust to meet the harsh operating conditions. As the voltage is supplied by standard batteries, no wiring in the truck is necessary. The control unit is very energy efficient, so that a continuous operation can be guaranteed of at least 1 year.
The receiver unit is mounted on the cell door and supplied with 230V AC. Once an operating signal is received from an operating unit, the relay switches and causes the opening of the cell door. The relay contact is floating.

Technical Data

  • Power: 4x 1,5V Battery (round cell mignon AA)
  • Operating time: at least 1 year with battery replacement
  • Communication: Radio
  • Frequency band: 433,92 Mhz (freely usable) EN 300 220, EN 301 489
  • Transmission power: 10 dBm
  • Range: 100 meters (on sight)
  • Dimensions control unit: L x W x H  180 x 130 x 100 mm
  • Dimensions receiver unit: L x W x H  135 x 170 x 85 mm
  • Fixing control unit: with velcro
  • CE – Marking

Modelnumber control unit STS01: 48-48-188
Modelnumber receiver unit: STR01: 48-48-189