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Form for regulation of hydrants - MUR-02

The new MUR02 unit allows the regulation of electrical accomplishers and their hydrants. All the parameter of the accomplisher can be regulated by the potentiometers of the MUR02 form. The output current can be changed in 3 ways: initial current, working current and overtension. To command the accomplisher of a H20 hydrant an individual power and current regulation for turning on and off is necessary . If the hydrant is at the term of its work in turning on/off it turns off by the programmed values of overcurrent and timing. The command connection for hydrant turning on/off is realized on a 18 poles terminal. Suitable leds visualize the working status. The MUR02 usage is perfect in the snowing systems to regulate accomplishers and H20 hydrants.

Technical characteristics

  • Working tension: 24V AC-DC
  • Output current: adjustable from 0-4 Amp. DC
  • Power regulation: PWM without levels
  • Parameter T1: Maximum value time peak current OPEN 0-3 sec.
  • Parameter T2: Maximum value time peak current CLOSE 0-3 sec.
  • Parameter T3: OPEN current 0-4 Amp.
  • Parameter T4: Maximum value of OPEN current 0-4 Amp
  • Parameter T5: CLOSE current 0-4 Amp
  • Parameter T6: Maximum value of CLOSE current 0-4 Amp.
  • Parameter T7: Overcurrent 0-4 Amp.
  • Parameter T9: Overcurrent time 0-10 sec.
  • Regulation 1: OPEN with running end
  • Regulation 2: CLOSE with running end
  • J3 and J4: Running end: inverts from NC to NA
  • Work temperature: -20 ÷ +80°C
  • Connection: extractable screw terminals to 1,5mm²
  • Assembly: DIN NS32 or NS35 guide
  • Dimensions: 195x104x65 LxHxD
  • Weight: 300 grams

CODE: 46-46-09