Instrumentation and control engineering for industry and agriculture

Humidity regulator - DFAG-104

The moisture regulator DFAG104 measures and regulates with precision and reliability from 0 to 100% of relative moisture in different application fields in agriculture, in drying systems, in stores and production room of textile and paper industry, in the cold technology. Its main characteristics are the precise measurement of the sensor, reliable thanks to the drill line automatically compensated, to the automatic protection of the drill line and to the intervention of the water splash regulated at intervals by relay. The DFAG104 regulator is simple to use thanks to the numerical indication of instantaneous moisture and to the simple programming by revealing display.

Technical characteristics

  • Feeding tension: 220V, 50 Hz
  • Absorbed power: 7,7 VA
  • Refrigeration power: 1 x 8 A opening
  • Ventilators power: 1 x 8A closing
  • Valve power: 1 x 8A closing
  • Humidification range: to be stated
  • Analogical output: 0-100% u.r. = +6,5V DC
  • Measurement range: 0-100% u.r.
  • Sensor: capacity type, FLC100 mod. Code: 49-49-02
  • Surrounding temperature: -20 - +30°C
  • Regulation range: 30-100% u.r.
  • Measurement precision: +/- 1 Digit
  • Display: 13mm display, 3 numbers
  • DIN machine dimensions: 72x144x167mm
  • Assembly dimensions: 67x139mm
  • Weight: 1,1 Kg
  • EU rule: certified

CODE: 47-47-01