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Temperature regulator for PT-100 - TRKD-020

The TRKD020 digital temperature regulator automatically regulates without problems and with the best reliability, the required temperature between -9,9 e +10 °C. On demand it is possible to have also other temperature intervals. Its main characteristics are: precise temperature measurement, self protection with acoustic signaller to be assembled separately, automatic protection of drill line with automatic disinsertion of the motor groups in case of disturb or break, automatic calibration of the drill line independently from its length, simple programming by revealing display and easy assembly thanks to its DIN container.

Technical characteristics

  • Feeding tension: 230V, 50 Hz
  • Absorbed power: 6,6VA
  • Refrigerator power: 1 x 8 A Commuter
  • Alarm powerm: 1 x 8 A Commuter
  • Surrounding temperature: -20 - +30°C
  • Measurement precision: +/- 1 Digit
  • Probes connection: PT100 class A
  • Analogical output: -10° - +10°C = -6,5V - +6,5V
  • Regulation range: 0-10°C
  • Alarm: For temperatures inferior than -5°C or short circuit
  • Indicator: LCD Display 13mm, numbers (figures)
  • DIN machine dimensions: 72x144x167mm
  • Assembly dimensions: 67x139mm
  • Weight: 1,1 Kg
  • EU-Rule: certificate

CODE: 46-46-01