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Temperature regulator - TRKD-060

The TRKD060  digital equipment can regulate and measure, with the support of PT-100 temperature drills, temperature values in a precise and reliable way. 2 regulation series have been included consisting in a  variable hysteresis i.e. 2 thermostats in one.
The 2 output relays and 1 security relay inside can be configured so that they can work for  refrigerating and/or heating.
To have a highly precise visualisation a hybrid amplifier is used (TLC05): it keeps its very good characteristics for a very long time.
The 4 numbers display informs the user about the current temperature and it is used to visualise the set-point and hysteresis values.

Technical characteristics

  • Feeding: 230V, 50Hz or 24V AC/DC
  • Absorbed energy 5,5VA
  • Relay K1: 1 switch, 6 A
  • Relay K2: 1 switch, 6 A
  • Front panel: Polycarbonate film with 4 keys and red filter
  • Precision: 1 Digit
  • Connection: PT100 class A (4 wires system)
  • Display: red 13mm high lightness – 4 numbers
  • Temperature range: da -99,9 a +100°C
  • Plastic container: NORYL UL94-V-0 selfextinguishing
  • Impermeability: IP40
  • Connection: extractable clamps 1,5mm²
  • Container dimensions: 96x48x139mm
  • Assembly dimensions: 90,5x44,5x130mm
  • EU norm: certificated


Temperature regulator




230V 50Hz





The TRKD060 instrument switches 2 relays (K1 and K2) in reaching 2 different thresholds.
If a threshold value+1/2 hysteresis is overcome, the corresponding relay is called.
If the temperature value is over the inferior threshold value-1/2 hysteresis turns off.