Instrumentation and control engineering for industry and agriculture

Supervisor unit - LFL-10

The LFL10 form is used for the measurement and the control of the ski lifts systems. The machine is provided of a self test mechanism. Every input is galvanicly separated by extra relays. An output relay - Pilot type - permits the unlocking of all the safety circuits. The LFL10 form controls automatically : the three-phase current grid in case of exceeding of the minimum value or in case of phase lacking, the starting motor by a NTC sensor, the interruption or the short circuit of the NTC probe line, the starting resistance in case of 20 seconds final switch limitation, the general brake 5 seconds After the starting, the effective opening of the brake, the brake consumption, the thermic protection for the brake, the NOT/AUS key on chair lift, if the chair lift goes backward. The form can be controlled by an external key. The LFL10 machine has been examined by the transports minister and it has been approved. (Nr prot.: 965-C50)

Technical aspects

  • Feeding tension: 18-32V AC/DC
  • Power absorption: 30VA
  • Maximum applicable power: 1 change of 8A
  • Inputs: extra 20mA
  • Three-phase input: 3x100V
  • Motor sensor: NTC 20
  • Internal statement: Motor temperature and tension
  • Grid statement: By trimmer on anterior panel
  • Motor temperature statement: By trimmer on anterior panel
  • Lamps test: Externally by terminal
  • Test: on form by terminal
  • Machine dimensions: 144x145x72mm LxDxH
  • Assembly dimensions: 138x66mm

CODE: 42-42-16