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Humidity probe - FLC-200

The FLC 200 relative moisture transmitter is used to measure moisture in those applications where a great precision, a notable stability over the time and at the same time a good solidity are required. The measure system is based on capacity and connected with electronic components to condition the signal. To get a good stability over the time hybrid technology on clay film is used. The probe calibration is made in a semiautomatic way by certified climatic room. For each single probe is possible to request the calibration certificate testifying the maximum measurement error. The sensor is protected by a transpiring GORETEX filter assuring protection and quick response. The conditioning electronics is immersed in resin with a very great dielectric and isolating power, preventing all the typical effects of the highly wet and aggressive environments. This situation makes possible to have a connection zone which is protected with IP65 degree. The constructive form in ABS/nylon assures great mechanical strength. Besides, every present European rule is respected. The main application fields are the measurement of moisture in air conditioning systems, fruit preservation and treatment systems, tobacco, food industry in general, meteorology.

Technical aspects

  • Sensor capacity type
  • Measurement field 0 ÷ 100% u.r.
  • Work temperature  -20°C ÷ 80°C
  • Precision ± 2%
  • Feeding 9 ÷ 30V DC
  • Output signal 0 ÷ 100% r.F. 0 - 5 V limited
  • Response time 20 ÷ 90 % less than 10 sec.
  • Container ABS +17% F.V.C.
  • Resin 27,4 KV/mm UL94VO
  • Obstruct measures 70x110x45 mm
  • Connections screw terminals 1,5 mm²
  • Weight 200 grams
  • European rules respected IEC1000-4-2 IEC1000-4-4 EN55022

CODE: 49-49-02