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Wind direction - 13N-230

The equipment is used to survey wind direction. The instrument is equipped with a self regulating heating, NTC model, against frost. The signal recording is optical. By an internal electronic appliance, the optical signal is changed in a 2 wires signal, independent from polarity. 16 directions can be recorded. Wind direction is calculated by the absorption system current.

Technical characteristics

  • Measurement field: 0-360°
  • Resolution: 22,5° = 16 directions
  • Connection tension: 16V - 31V DC
  • Ambient temperature: -30 - +70°C
  • Output signal: MIN 15mA MAX 30mA
  • Output signal: S: 15mA SW: 19mA SSW: 17mA NNE: 28mA
  • Output signal: N: 30mA NE: 26mA WSW: 21mA ENE: 24mA
  • Output signal: W: 23mA NW: 27mA WNW: 25mA ESE: 20mA
  • Output signal: E: 22mA SE: 18mA NNW: 29mA SSE: 16mA
  • Heating current: 0,5-1,5Amp
  • Protection against overcurrent: Varistors
  • Support on a steel pole: 48mm = 1 - 1/2"
  • Connection terminal: 5polig IP40
  • DIN 40050 protection: IP66
  • Largeness: 440mm
  • Height: 290mm
  • Weight: 1,1kg
  • EU norm: certificate


Anemometer support (Art. 02N220) and wind direction (Art. 13N230):
Steel pole: 48mm 11/2''
Dimensions: 220x430mm 
Material: aluminium

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Wind direction

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Anemometer support

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