Wetterstation FARG2000

Weather station FARG2000

About the weather ...

Since the old times the weather conditions have often determined the quality of the harvest.
Watching the surrounding conditions to get the best indications about what to do has always been one of the main activity of each farmer in every part of the world.

The modern technologies of measurement and regulation have obtained an essential supporting role to the present agriculture. ELMED Elettronica is an expert and reliable partner against the weather's surprises such as the night frosts during blossoming or the wet heat in the summer sometimes causing punctation.

Basing on scientific research and decennial testing we can now offer you extremely reliable measurement and data transmission systems and the best software.
The immediate elaboration of the data allows you to have always reliable forecast, alarms and indications about the best actions to do. 
Our long experience developed thanks to 100 measurement stations, confirmed our extraordinary know-how and our leading role in the market.


Measurement station

The measurement stations note the following data and send them to the central station where they are collected and processed so that the right forecast can be developed:

All the noted values are stored in  local database to be sent to a central computer at prearranged intervals 

Central computer

All the values measured by the weather stations are collected her.
All the users can enter the database of every weather station in every moment.

It`s also possible to


  • manage every single drill of a weather station,
  • arrange the time intervals of the data requests,
  • settle the threshold for the alarm

The available data can be requestes by several communication media.





Thanks to the answerphone the measurement values of the weather station can be requested by phone (only authorized people).

By a timer function the times to get the data can be preset: data regarding temperature or punctation for example.

By an access code the authorized people can also enter by phone new alarm signals.


The registered members can request measurement values by SMS.

Within a very short time the central computer will send to the applicant, by a new SMS,  the data regarding the weather station of interest. For some station an alarm value can be communicated, too.

For example, if you are interested in temperature, when its value goes under the threshold, immediately a warning SMS is sent (for example: ALARM station 67 1,2°C). The general notices are sent to all the members.

For every form in an electronic register date, hour, phone numbers and all the SMS sent and arrived are stored. The register can be recalled by different methods pf filter and selection.

EOS-52: Radio data receiver

Practical, compact, mobile!
EOS-52 receiver is a compact receiver with a graphical touch-display receiving weather data and radio messages. It is possible to select a nearby weather station and to choose the desired data. It is also possible to schedule individual alarm levels.

Weather data

The following data requests are possibile: 

Presently the following functions are available:

Data about punctation

Regarding this subject the following functions are available:

Fire blight

Fire blight prediction




FARG2000 maintenance manual