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Differencial pressure measuring unit - DAM-03

The DAM03 electronic instrument is used to measure the differential pressure. A pressure sensor transforms the differential pressure – which is connected with an air pipe in the room to be measured – in an analogical signal. By the display the differential pressure is visualised on the equipment. Two potentiometers are used to schedule the pressure. If the differential pressure is over the scheduled value, the output relay shows an alarm. By a key the output relay can be turned off. Besides a proportional output tension can be used. The application field is in the differential pressure measurement in the fruit stores.

Technical characteristics

  • Feeding: 230V
  • Pressure: +/- 5mbar
  • Measurement precision: 0,2% f.s.
  • Calibration: 0-5mbar
  • Display: red 13mm high brightness 3 1/2 fig.(numbers)
  • Line: linear
  • Output relay: 1 exchange 8 Amp.
  • Alarm turning off: by key
  • Working temperature: -10 bis + 50°C
  • Container: with closing transparent window
  • Protection grade: IP65
  • Dimensions: 130x180x100 WxDxH
  • Assembly: Assembly container
  • Weight: 600 grams
  • EU norm: certificate

CODE: 46-46-30


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